Monday, 16 July 2018

New Community Garden Planters

We would like you join us for a little gardening session at 10:00 am on Saturday 21st July 2018 to help plant up our new Station Road Community Garden Planters.

We've found an 'unloved' spot and thanks to a grant from Chinnor Parish Council, we are placing three beautiful and robust planters on the small triangular piece of land on Station Road adjacent to the vehicular entrance to the library, Pavilion and St Andrew's School.

Shortly these planters should be joined by a WW1 memorial bench to enable villagers to sit and enjoy the space. This planting is intended to complement the herb planter we put out in May adjacent to the Pavilion. 

Our aim is to eventually have a network of accessible community food throughout Chinnor – our community’s contribution towards incredible edible Chinnor.

We are delighted that our planters have been fabricated to a professional standard by one of our team of repair café fixers who probably wants to stay anonymous (thanks Ted) and also to the CPC grounds team who have assisted in moving them to site.

During the week the planters will be made ready for use and on this Saturday we will be planting all of our treasures.

Our intention with the planters is to fulfil three of the senses
  • ·         Touch – ‘Touch me’
  • ·         Sight – ‘See me’
  • ·         Smell – ‘Smell me’

We have an extensive range of planting to put in place on Saturday morning and the community garden is for all to enjoy and to take part in. So come and join us and most importantly bring your young growers along to give a hand.

For more information email or call Linda on 07973 788339

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Community Herb Planter

Thanks to all for the lovely and positive feedback we have received regarding the community herb planter we put out at the Pavilion in early May. If you haven’t yet seen it, pop along and help yourself to some herbs. We’ve planted them to share with the community. The planter currently contains: Oregano Thyme, Sage, Mint, Salad Burnet, Chives and Parsley. The idea is for people to take a pinch or a snip, only as much as they need for free. More details including some culinary usage can be found here.

We are currently planning an exciting community event for Saturday 21st July. This will involve more planters and an opportunity for families to get involved. You can keep up to date by signing up to our newsletter or check out our Facebook page @greeningchinnor.