Saturday, 10 February 2018

Repair Cafe

We are hoping to hold our first Repair Cafe in April and are arranging a meeting with all those who have expressed interest in this new exciting project.

We are looking for a range of different 'repair/fixing' skills so we can offer more types of repairs. So if you are an expert on mending small electrical items, gluing broken toys and china, can offer advise with simple computer problems, what about textiles; mending clothes/up-cycling/fabric crafts, why not help. The more diverse our fixers are, the more we can offer to 'fix'. 

The idea is not to provide an anonymous fixing service, but help people learn what needs to be done so that they can gain knowledge from the experts. The items that are fixed will depend entirely on the expertise of our volunteer fixers. There will be some items that will not be fixable as they may be outside our skill set.

We must stress that we are not trying to compete with professional repair shops but help to reduce the amount of small household items that are thrown away.
Contact us if you are interested in helping at the Repair Cafe or want to come along to the meeting.

More about Oxfordshire Repair Cafe Initiative 

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